Traction Applications


IGBT Power Modules are at the heart of trains and subway cars.


An IGBT power module efficiently converts electrical current from DC to AC or AC to DC.  An IGBT power module is used with controlling circuitry to convert stored DC power (from batteries, for example) to AC power to drive motors.  Turning the system around, mechanical energy applied to turn a generator outputs AC power that can be converted to DC power by an IGBT module. 


In Traction Applications (trains and subway cars), IGBT power modules convert DC to AC to drive the train’s motors.  Traction applications include:


  • Trains

  • Subway Cars

  • Elevators

  • Escalators

  • People Movers



CPS Product – Summary


CPS manufactures AlSiC baseplates, AlSiC Pinfins, AlSiC-pyrolytic graphic baseplates and AlSiC spacers for IGBT power modules. AlSiC baseplates reduce mechanical stresses associated with differential thermal expansion of module components, thereby increasing module life by as much as 10X.


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