Telecommunications Equipment and Infrastructure

Cellular or mobile phones are everywhere.  The equipment that receives your call and sends it on its way is a cellular basestation.  Cellular basestations consist of a radio to receive your call, a computer to determine where to send it, and an amplifier to strengthen the signal generated by your battery-powered cell phone.


Microwave radio transmission is commonly used in point-to-point communication systems on the surface of the Earth, in satellite communications, and in deep space radio communications. Other parts of the microwave radio band are used for radars, radio navigation systems, sensor systems, and radio astronomy.


Microwave communications systems consist of multiple modules, which consist of electronic devices and circuitry in a protective housing or package.



CPS Product – Summary


CPS produces AlSiC baseplates for use in cellular basestations.   CPS AlSIC baseplates increase the life of the cellular basestation assembly.


CPS produces AlSiC hermetic packages, AlSiC hermetic housings, and conventional hermetic packages to protect and interconnect microwave modules.   CPS hermetic packages and housings reduce the weight of the module and increase reliability by eliminating stresses due to thermal cycling.


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