CPS Welcomes Investors


Welcome to our Investor section, where you will find information to assist you in learning more about the Company.



Why Invest in CPS?


Our Markets are large and growing. These include high speed rail, hybrid electric and electric vehicles, aerospace and defense, as well as oil and gas.


Our Competition is limited, as only a few companies in the world can make high quality MMCs.


Our Technology is a strong, proprietary process for combining metals and ceramics.


Our Management is experienced and capable.


Our Finances are solid. We carry no debt.


Our Customers are large, well-known and varied. We earn two-thirds of our revenue from Europe and Asia. Our customers include several billion dollar electronic manufacturers who trust us to supply high quality components manufactured to their specifications.

Our Products improve performance and reliability, e.g. light weight, stiffness, strength and thermal expansion matching.

Our Facilities are located in the USA, practice lean manufacturing, and possess 200+% growth capacity.


We passionately practice lean manufacturing principles and are ISO 9001 qualified.



Join Us


CPS is a financially solid, innovative company employing highly technical proprietary processes to meet increasing thermal management needs around the world. For more information, contact CPS today.