Electricity-Generating Wind Turbines


IGBT Power Modules are at the heart of electricity-generating wind turbines.


In Power Conversion Systems IGBT power modules do both AC to DC and DC to AC conversion.  Examples include:


  • Wind Power Turbines

  • Hydro Electric Systems

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Industrial Drives

  • Generators



CPS Product – Summary


CPS manufactures AlSiC baseplates, AlSiC Pinfins, AlSiC-pyrolytic graphic baseplates and AlSiC spacers for IGBT power modules.  AlSiC baseplates reduce mechanical stresses associated with differential thermal expansion of module components, thereby increasing module life by as much as 10X.


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CPS AlSiC baseplates can be Ni plated or Copper Cold Gas Spray for substrate attachment.

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