CPS is the world leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials solutions and products, particularly combinations of metals and ceramics, to improve performance and reliability of applications in a variety of end markets. 

Our primary advanced material solution is metal matrix composites (MMCs), a class of materials which has several superior properties compared to conventional materials, including improved thermal conductivity, thermal expansion matching, higher stiffness and lighter weight. 


CPS AlSiC products are used as microprocessor lids, flip chip lids, heat sinks, microwave housings, optoelectronic housings, power substrates, IGBT baseplates and liquid cold plates.  End applications include motion control (controller) power modules, high voltage PFC (power factor correction) front ends,  pin fin coolers for IGBT modules in hybrid electric vehicles, hi-rel DC/DC converters, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) and many others.