CPS: A World Leader in Metal Matrix Composites

For over 30 years, CPS has built a reputation as a world leader in combining metals and ceramics to improve performance and reliability of applications in a variety of end markets. 


Our primary advanced material solution is metal matrix composites (MMCs). MMCs have several superior properties compared to conventional materials such as copper. These include thermal expansion matching, higher stiffness, lighter weight and high thermal conductivity.



AlSiC Products and Applications
Our clients use aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC) products in IGBT baseplates for high power applications including: motor controllers for high speed electric trains, hybrid and electric vehicles, subway cars, and wind turbines. Our components also serve as heat spreaders in internet switches, routers, and high performance microprocessors. Finally, we also provide products for aerospace and defense, including armor, and oil and gas.



Advanced MMC Solutions

Our engineers are problem solvers, and they are eager to work with you to develop new advanced materials solutions to meet your needs. 



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