Reliability with Smart Composite Products


AlSiC flip chip and microprocessor lids

AlSiC CTE compatibility with assembly components 

AlSiC CTE compatibility with device and assembly improve reliability by minimizing thermally induced cycling stresses
Chose AlSiC-9 for Flip Chip microprocessor lids for ceramic BGA assemblies
Chose AlSiC-10 or AlSiC-12 Flip Chip microprocessor lids for plastic BGA assemblies

AlSiC has a good thermal conductivity for thermal dissipation.

CTE compatibility allows closer device proximity to take advantage of the AlSiC lid's thermal conductivity

AlSiC light weight improves product assemblies

Reduces the weight per solder ball by 1/3 as compared to equivalent Cu lids.
Lighter weigh lids reduce shock during assembly and  vibration related failures in service
Lighter weight lids are important for larger more functional lids for ‘Systems in Package’ ASICs

AlSiC cast shape capability allows for more functional lid designs incorporating:

Net shape precision cast fabrication for cost effective serial production
Die cavities/pedestals
Cavities for capacitors, diodes, memory chips
Alignment features
Allows for more functional designs in ‘System in Package’ ASIC assemblies

AlSiC offers good control of cavity depth for improved control of bond line thickness.

Thinner bond lines are possible for reduced thermal resistance with AlSiC lids. AlSiC lids have less variability compared to stamped Cu lids or lidded ring frame assemblies

AlSiC is a high strength and stiffness material allowing for higher assembly forces without damage to fragile die.

Thinner bond lines are possible for reduced thermal resistance

AlSiC for Flip Chip Lid Applications

Click image and download the new AlSiC Flip Chip Lid data sheet:

CPS AlSiC Flip Chip Lids