Reliability with Smart Composite Products


AlSiC IGBT Baseplates for IGBT Modules

IGBT Baseplates with engineered dome profiles.  AlSiC-9 is chosen for these applications since it supports the bonding of DBC dielectric ceramic substrates.  The product can be designed with a dome profile for an improved thermal interface contact with cold plates and coolers.

The controlled CTE AlSiC value makes it compatible with ceramic substrate attachment for high power IGBT applications that require high reliability. AlSiC provides superior reliability performance surviving multiple thousands of cycles without delamination of the substrate from the baseplate, as compared to Copper and Aluminum baseplates[1].  AlSiC baseplates are one third to one fifth the weight of CuMo or CuW materials (controlled thermal expansion) baseplates.

AlSIC IGBT Baseplates CPS AlSiC IGBT Pin Fin Coolers
CPS AlSiC IGBT Baseplates CPS AlSiC IGBT Pin Fin Coolers


The compatible controlled thermal expansion behavior of AlSiC combined with the material being light-weight make it an ideal material choice for high reliability IGBT applications such as traction, power control, and fly-by-wire systems. Read more about it. "AlSiC Baseplates for Power IGBT Modules: Design, Performance and Reliability"

[1]  T. Schuetze, H. Berg, O. Schilling "The New 6.5kV IGBT Module: a Reliable Device for Medium Voltage Applications"