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Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) - AlSiC Pin Fin Coolers for IGBT Power Modules

The key factors in the design of coolers for IGBT power modules in HEV applications are high reliability, CTE compatibility, and  light weight, along with strength and stiffness.  CPS AlSiC coolers meet these Electric Vehicle requirements with optimum thermal performance and high reliability throughout the product  life cycle. They are ideal IGBT power module coolers for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications.

Liquid cooling is the most effective way to dissipate heat (1 – 2KW) in HEV power module products. CPS AlSiC coolers cost effectively provide the pin fin geometries that are required for optimum liquid cooling.  Additionally, CPS AlSiC coolers provide an isotropic thermal expansion that is compatible with IGBT die/electronic substrate to reduce mechanically induced stresses during power thermal cycling for improved electronics and module reliability.

CPS AlSiC IGBT Pin Fin Coolers
CPS AlSiC IGBT Pin Fin Coolers

The AlSiC device compatible thermal expansion (8 ppm/°C) simplifies IGBT assembly compared to Cu pin fin coolers (17 ppm/°C) thermal expansion, eliminating the need for stress compensation layers that increase thermal resistance, assembly complexity and IGBT power module cost.

AlSiC is a lightweight, thermal efficient material (1/3 that of Cu), which makes it an ideal cooler material for the weight-sensitive hybrid electric (HEV), electric vehicle (EV) application and in kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS).  AlSiC also has higher strength and stiffness than Cu, which, combined with its lightweight nature, makes AlSiC coolers more tolerant of shock and vibration.


For a data sheet on CPS AlSiC IGBT Pin Fin Coolers application please click the following link:

CPS AlSiC IGBT Pin Fin Coolers