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The HybridTech Armor® Technology - Ballistic Armor

HybridTech™ Technology - CPSCPS Technologies (CPS) has developed a technology for improving the toughness of ceramic tiles in composite armor systems by selectively reinforcing them with metal and metal matrix composites (MMC) and then packaging them in a hermetic layer of high-pressure cast aluminum.  We believe that armor integrators can translate this improvement into more consistent ballistic performance, reduced need for gap-fillers, and improved ballistic performance near tile edges.  Additionally, assembly is improved because these modules are tough enough to drill and bolt like metal, which may eliminate the need for steel inserts at attachments points, and they are dimensionally accurate.

The technology for these new HybridTech Armor® tiles and modules is an outgrowth of CPS’ World leadership in aluminum pressure casting to make metal matrix composites.  The Hybrid Ceramic Modules use an innovative combination of materials to encapsulate the monolithic ceramic tile (or array of tiles) and then integrate it into a hermetic package by infiltrating with aluminum at high pressure.   The resulting modules are stiffer in bending, have an intimate chemical/mechanical bond between the ceramic and encapsulating material, and have residual compression in the ceramic due to the differential coefficients of expansion